Cardinal returns to Australia to face sexual assault charges

Cardinal returns to Australia to face sexual assault charges

Cardinal returns to Australia to face sexual assault charges

Cardinal George Pell, Francisco’s chief financial adviser, avoids the media waiting when he arrived at Sydney airport for a flight to Singapore. He declined to comment in Singapore over the weekend as he was returning from Rome.

It is expected that the 76-year-old employee to appear in a court of the state capital of Victoria, Melbourne, July 26, in what the police call Victoria multiple charges of historical sexual assault infringement which means that the crimes that occurred Years ago. There is no limitation on the type of crimes in Australia. Police said there were several claimants, but they have released more details.

Cardinal Pell is free before his court hearing, during which he can be officially released.

When police announced the charges last month, Cardinal Pell has pledged to fight the allegations, saying, “The idea of ​​sexual abuse is horrible for me.”

On Monday, the Archdiocese of Sydney said the cardinal had made several stops on his trip to Australia to avoid long-haul flights, according to his doctors’ advice.

Last year, Cardinal Pell said he was too sick to return the long flight to his home country to testify to a government inquiry into how the Catholic Church and other institutions responded to allegations of sexual abuse of children.

“When he was informed of the Victoria police charges, Cardinal Pell said in Rome that he totally rejected the allegations, was completely innocent of the charges and would return to Australia to defend and cleanse his name vigorously,” said the archdiocese said it’s a statement.

“Cardinal Pell will not comment apart from saying that he is grateful for the many messages of support he continues to receive.”

Cardinal Pell has taken a license to fight the charges in Australia and said he intends to return to the Vatican to continue his work as prefect of the Church’s Ministry of Economy.

The Pope thanked Cardinal Pell for his “honest” work and collaboration and said he hoped that Australian justice would continue its course before pronouncing it himself.

For years, Cardinal Pell has faced accusations that he did manage to stymie clergy sexual abuse cases as archbishop of Melbourne and later in Sydney.

However, more recently, Pell himself has become the subject of a study on the sexual treatment of the clergy, and detective Victoria to fly to the Vatican for an interview last year.

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