Cusat fostering radar technology

Cusat fostering radar technology

Cusat fostering radar technology

In a major scientific collaboration, ACARR will join the Swedish Institute of Physics, which operates the Antarctic Mobile Radar for the Antarctic (MARA), a radar with 54 MHz wind profiles. The facility is used during summer expeditions to Antarctica.

“Our radar is unique because it contains about 619 elements that can be used for major research projects.

We plan to use both radars to study atmospheric measurements and to conduct research on horizontal and vertical wind profiles in both regions.

The main scientific objective is to study the coupling process between high and low latitude regions, “said ACPM Director K. Mohankumar.

The center is planning a joint initiative with Kyoto University in Japan, which currently operates an average atmospheric wind profiler radar. The objective of the collaboration is to conduct studies on tropical dynamics.

Dr. Mohankumar pointed out that the ACPM would provide wind profile data for the validation of the Aeolus satellite of the European Space Agency, which is expected to be launched in two more years.

The researchers said radar would play a key role in disaster management in the state. The facility will help to predict serious weather events in a timely manner. The state disaster management unit can use the information to increase their efforts in the event of an emergency.

The Cusat radar will provide regional weather forecasts of severe weather events such as thunderstorms. It will also provide inputs to predict weather-related natural disasters from any other source.

Meanwhile, work is underway at the center on understanding the dynamics of the southwest monsoon this year.

The search is also used to use wind profiler observations from the radar to state an appropriate matrix for predicting the start of the Indian summer monsoon.

The data from the facility are also used to understand the evolution of the tropical storms that occurred in May of this year.

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