What is the GATE Exam experience like Easy or Hard ?

Should be taken My experience bears with a pinch of salt. It has a fairly high reward ratio of effort, and that is both a consequence of little effort. If you are looking for media inspiration (at the extreme), you will find poor.

We will begin.

What am I finishing?

GATE 2012 AIR 1 in mathematics. Why am I talking about math? Because it is not as competitive as other rivers (EE / CS). He gave me a GATE 779 score, which is smaller than some of the scores in other branches. My total was 61,100. The total number of candidates who took GATE mathematics was 3750.

How do I get ready for this?

Learn as much as possible during my work course. Why should I mention this? Well, it is very much the case with the study of almost everyone for the short term goal to get the marks. Once done, they have little idea of what to do with the knowledge they have gained.

Eventually, and forget will deteriorate.

Just try not to forget what I studied. I do it for the pleasure of learning. “What is the point of studying something, if you just forget it? “A slogan that I maintain. (The opposite of that, as one friend once said, “what is the point of studying something by going to forget: it does not even count”: P).

Yes, if you are looking for inspiration on how to prepare for GATE, be that’s it.

But how did I get ready for the GATE exam you ask me? I did not do it. I remember studying about 3 hours with some friends (I think it was linear algebra we were looking at the second year) about 2 days before the test. Other than that, I do not remember doing anything else.

Tip: The door is an MCQ exam. To the extent possible, exploit this fact. Given a differential equation, replace options (a) through (d) and see that all give the correct difference 🙂 Never leave a question. If you do not know the concepts, try to … build the theory itself … 🙂 the option

Other background

I am a student of IIT Delhi Int. MTech in mathematics and computer science. It is a 5 year course, currently with me last year. In fact, I took the exam as a way to acquire (GATE) scholarships during the past year. This is also the reason why I took the mathematics test for GATE. The general program of the exam and my course overlap in large part, so we really do not really do a lot of research on subjects that are not covered (for my fourth year).

The future

Well, I would like to go to higher education abroad. Let’s see if they appreciate the door: P

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