No Aadhaar? Phone users to lose their numbers, Airtel and Idea start sending SMS

No Aadhaar? Phone users to lose their numbers, Airtel and Idea start sending SMS

No Aadhaar? Phone users to lose their numbers, Airtel and Idea start sending SMS

In March, the Ministry of Telecommunications has issued a directive to all mobile phone companies in India saying they should re-check all mobile phone users in India through the Aadhaar card. Now telecommunication companies like Airtel and Idea have started sending messages from the consumer saying that their number will be verified and linked with Aadhaar.

Companies have also started putting messages in their stores to inform users. A message at an Airtel store reads: “Connecting the card to your Aadhaar number by now will remain active According to the Indian Government, it is mandatory to enjoy continuous services.” Eerlier DoT had said compounding from February 6, 2018 would be the time for the carriers to complete the new verification with Aadhaar and the bonding process.

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“An effective process has been developed to ensure verification of identity and addresses of all mobile phone users for new subscribers. In the near future, especially in a period of one year from today, a check Similar will be carried out in the case of existing subscribers, “said the government’s opinion.

The Department of Transportation has sent a notice to all telecom operators in their place in the country to check the details of their users through KYC using Aadhaar. It is mandatory to check and link each phone number to the Aadhaar card. Otherwise, the connection can be reduced by the operator. Airtel subscribers and the idea began to receive messages.

Once you receive the SMS, visit the nearest retail store network.
Also use your Aadhaar card and your phone number. Now, provide this data to the person assigned to the store.
The person will send a verification code to your number.
Confirm the verification code to store personnel.
Then you will be asked for your fingerprint verification.
You will receive a final SMS verification within 24 hours. Just go back to the message with a Y.
Your phone number has now been linked to your Aadhaar card.
This process is apparently by the numbers Idea and Airtel. Other operators will implement a similar mechanism to complete verification.

The initiative that all phone numbers on the Aadhaar card comes after the Supreme Court in February ordered that all phone numbers in India are checked. Although the court did not specify the use of Aadhaar, the government decided that it would use Aadhaar for the entire year. Recently, the government also made the obligatory Aadhaar card for the filing of income tax returns and the PAN card claim. In addition, it is now mandatory to link your Aadhaar PAN card. If this is not the case, the PAN card will not be valid from June 30

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