SIT may seek further custody of ‘Pulsar’ Suni

SIT may seek further custody of 'Pulsar' Suni

SIT may seek further custody of ‘Pulsar’ Suni

Kochi: With the investigation into the alleged conspiracy in which the rape actor conducts a roadblock, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) examines the continued custody of the first defendant Sunil Kumar, also known as ‘Pulsar’ Suni.

Investigators took Sunday accused in an undisclosed location for further interrogations.

On Wednesday police received custody of the defendants’ 5 days in the case of using the mobile phone in jail. The period of detention ended on Sunday.

While Infopark police argued that there was no need for more attention in the case of using the mobile phone, the SIT may require again to continue with their questions about the angle of conspiracy in the kidnapping and rape of a popular actor The Malayalam film industry.

The SIT may request Suni custody citing the need to study the theft of the SIM card that was given to him for his prison use.

In addition to involving a major player in the preliminary stages of the investigation, Suni still can not reverse any concrete evidence in the alleged plot.

Meanwhile, Imran, since Malappuram, detained for stealing SIM Coimbatore, appeared before judicial magistrate Kakkanad Sunday and was sent to the 14 days in police custody.

Also on Sunday, Infopark police were co-accused by Suni-Vishnu, Imran Vipinlal Mesthiri and Sunil – to a store on Broadway here to collect evidence.

Police found that the accused had bought used shoes to sneak into the Kakkanad prison where Suni was introduced, for

The shoe was cut and sewn again after placing the phone inside.
In the meantime, it requires the defense lawyer to move allegations court-collected torture in custody.

BA Aloor, Suni’s lawyer argued that they would try to record the statement before the judge alleging torture of the main accused.

Although he had refrained from moving a bail remedy in the case of rape, Aloor argued that they would move the court occurred with the petition in the case of mobile phone use.

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